If you haven't noticed I don't have the time and energy, but most importantly, I just don't care to keep a diary anymore. So if you happen to stop by this, you can delete it from however you got here.


Where to start?

How about with today, then we'll go backwards. Today I got up kind of early, since Lois called me last night and I couldn't get ahold of her. I cleaned up the rest of my room a bit, and then I decided to phone Lois outside as I was walking out to the SUB. This was after a shower and all, so I was clean. Anyway, I was talking on the phone to Lois and she told me to go in about an hour to Ben's work, at some internet cafe place on the corner of Fir and Broadway. After eating some Wonton Soup for breakfast, I headed out there and proceeded to talk and catch up with Lois for about two hours, where after a few phone calls I went over to Chris's house.

>>>Side note: Dir en Grey is disgustingly sick, but amazingly good. I'm not really into their detal metal pieces so much, but when Kyo brings out some soft music and starts talking about a young girl being raped by her father while her mother looks down on them from heaven.. well, even I have to bring a small tear to my eye.<<<

So, I make it over to Chris's house and after getting on the computer and checking some various things out, he packs his 60 resumes and heads out of the door and ready to get a job. We went out to Metro, on the way talking about quite a wide variety of things, everything from... well, we talked a lot about Japanese music. He's always so on top of this shit, and I don't know how in the hell he finds everything out, but he does. Anyway, we get to Metro and apply at a few clothing stores, a few other specialty shops, and then just walk around a bit. We both stopped at Club Monaco since they had some really nice stuff, although none of it fit Chris (small being too short in the sleeves, medium being too big) I found a nice shirt that I can wear under some stuff that wasn't very pricey. I really wanted it in white, not black, but I guess it will do.

After that and we parted ways, I have basically done shit all. It's really, really tiring when I'm not a first year and they are doing TONS of stuff, when last year I had nothing to do as a first year. I really, really hate it because... well..

Wednesday was really, really nice. In the morning I walked a nice Korean friend, Jeni, and this Taiwanese guy to the International House. She's really, really sweet to me and just likes to talk, which you don't find all too often. After that I went out to meet Kibi for a brunch at White Spot, and we had that, took a trip back to her place for a little while so I could check it out, and then I walked her to her hair appointment. I'm not EXACTLY sure what I did after that, but I know it wasn't much and it wasn't very interesting. Oh yeah - I slept. Then around four I packed up all of my stuff from Tweeds and I moved out to the UBC Korea House, and I helped Jeni move a few of her things, but a lot the Korean guys were helping out their juniors, moving some of the biggest fucking suitcases ever. These girls could fit two of themselves inside some of these. After that, I just had some dinner and then set up my room - it's pretty stoked right now, I just need to lower the top a bit and I am going to buy some cushions, so I can have a really, really nice pad for watching movies.

>>>Side note: The two girls I went out with on Tuesday are both on the verge of being engaged to their boyfriends in Korea. Chris eventually read my mind on Thursday and said most of the Korean girls there would have boyfriends. I realize this, but I also need to realize that not all of the girls in the house are going to be from Korea. ;)<<<<

On Tuesday, it started off alright. I did go and get some stuff done, like I went to get my books from the bookstore. I also had my Korean interview, which basically was to make sure I didn't already kow Korean. Needless to say I passed, and the guy said I should be able to get into the class with no problem at all. After that I got something to eat and then got ahold of Jason Kato, a friend from SL last year. We decided going out to a pub would be a nice idea, so I got ready for that and in the meantime, met this really, really nice Korean girl named Jeni. I showed her some of my books, and we talked for a bit about each other's interests. It was just really nice to talk to someone for a change.

Finally Jason came, and as we headed out we ran into two girls who I had seen before in Tweeds. I was talking to them when Jason asks if they wanted to go to a pub, and they quickly replied 'sure!' We took them out and had a pretty good time, if it wasn't for the loud music I think it would have been a lot better.

>>>Side note: Koreangirls like fruity drinks, or something similiar to Sojou. They do not normally like beer or Clamatto. I did not other the latter, but the former. Jason, an Asian himself, did not realize this. Korean girls like martinis.<<<

After something light to eat as well, we headed home. It was a nice night, and I got very little sleep.

So that's my recap. Tomorrow I'm doing something with Sally's friends, then possibly going to DDR it up at Playdium with cjo and possibly D. Yippie. Some people still have to either phone me, or leave me an ICQ message with their number. This means YOU, stupid idiot Clara who bugged me to get a cellphone all fucking last year and now that I have one you haven't called me ONCE. -_-




Phone it sometime :D

I got into Vancouver yesterday afternoon, an hour earlier than myt mother had originally told me - so basically, she got everything about the flight completely wrong, which once again bears the question - why do I ask my mother to do anything for me? -_- Ah well, I'm here now and really, really, really far away from her which in my opinion, is one of the best things that can possobly be happening to me right now.

I got in around 11:30, but when everything was said and done I was downstairs waiting for Saboo and whoever else shows up to appear at 12:20 - in the end, I was busy eating something when she finally came down, and I was perfectly fine with that - she got up really early and bussed all the way out here to meet me and hang out for the day. We took a taxi back to UBC, and I got my keys - I also learned that I would be able to move into the Korean house on the 28th (yes!) and that the rooms own (yes!) but that I can't get my computer and TV until September 1st (boo!).

So, right now I'm kind of stuck without any communication tools except the computer in the SUB and my cellphone, which if I didn't have I don't know what I would do right now. So please, if you are doing something in the evening, phone me :D I'm going to be so bored.

Oh yes, and UBC is pretty much Korea for a week or so. That's all there is here, and I've talked to a few people. Oddly enough, the guy who is temporarily living next to me (Jung Rae Kim) is going to be living next to me at the UBC Korea house. Oh yes - get this - his american name is "John". UBC Housing loves to play wonderful jokes on people.

After Saboo and I dropped stuff off here, I went out to Metro and got the phone, which was already activated and everything. Unfortunately I think the guy gave me the number of a doctor, because I had 10 voicemail messages and the only person who knew my number was Gar, so I didn't think Gar was going to phone me 10 times. Plus everyone kept asking for some Doctor, so I think that's a pretty good sign.

Anyway, I'm going to get my books, get soemthing to eat, get an interview done for my Korean class today (which I'm still not in, btw -_-) and then I'll pretty much be free after that. Oh yeah, I have to buy towels and breakfast things since I'm going to be starving. Yum.

So now, don't e-mail/ICQ me. Phone me :)


>>>>>> Hamasaki Ayumi - Free & Easy
comments: I really like this song. I haven't heard an Ayumi song that I've really liked since Evolution (...I Am was good, but there wasn't really anything standout on the CD except the bonus song, which was a throwback to her old R&B roots), and this is the exact opposite of that song. Yet, I really like it. The chorus is nice, loud, and catchy compared to the really soft, sweet verses. I think what makes it work for me is the great piano in the background, that accompanies and drives the song throughout though. Good show.

These two days are sucking shit, but they actually are turning out pretty damn productive, but first, here is some information for all of you wonderful friends out there who like to use me. :)

As of next semester when my computer is hooked up to the internet, I will no longer be running my FTP full-time, free access for anyone who wants it. Why? Mainly because I'm going to give something back to the community I take so much from - I'm going to run an XDCC serve in BakaMX, distributing the latest and greatest BakaMX and other fansub releases. What does this mean for you? Well, one of two things. Either I consider you special enough to have an account on my now private FTP, or you'll have to wait in line like all of the other leechers out there. Wait wait wait - there's more. As an added bonus, for those of you that have to leech in the BakaMX channel and are on the East Coast, there will be ANOTHER new XDCC server. Khadarin has been recruited to serve for BakaMX as well, so no more leeching for free from him either.

Anyway, on to what I did.

Madden, comp, eat, eat, Madden, comp, comp, read, eat, eat, buy thing, Madden, comp, a bit of DDR, Madden, comp eat, eat, sleep.

Although on the computer I really got my ass in gear about getting music. I got some new stuff and some not so new stuff, mainly highlighted by getting these new albums -

BoA Remix Album (new)
Rip Slyme - Tokyo Classic (not so new)
hide - Junk Story (not so new)
SMAP - Drink! SMAP! (not so new)

I also got a lot of songs from a sweet Korean rap album, featuring a bunch of guest appearances from people like Bobby from Buga Kingz, Double K, Druken Tiger, and CB Mass. I also got some of this girl who was on one of the tracks, and she's got a nice voice - I don't know who it is just yet, since my winamp is really fritzy about displaying Korean characters. What else.. I got Free & Easy, that Ayumi single that came out ages ago, I got the new Brilliant Green single (not bad!), as well as some other singles from Pierrot, and this other Visual Band Jenna de Arc that I saw c-jo listening to. They are alright, but not all of the Vrock is my type of thing. I got a lot of Fairy Fore, who are most famous for doing Vivid.

Oh yeah, I have a ton of e-manga now. :) I don't know why, I never, EVER read it because I hate reading on the computer, but oh well. I have it if I need it.

I also watched the first GTO North American DVD. I swear, it had JUST AS MANY translation errors as the HK DVD did - the only thing that surpassed it was the quality of the video, and not by much. The NA DVD took out a lot of the more "literally" translated stuff and made it very, very edited. You can tell when they changed stuff, when the line "You bastard brats, you are making too much noise!" turns into "Stop making all of that noise!" Also, they took out the mid-episode "stops" and it just continues. I like those little breaks every 15 minutes in an episode, and fucking Tokyopop shouldn't touch that stuff. The HK DVD is TOO literal - the TokyoPop DVD is TOO edited. Combine them, and I think you really get the feel of a good translation.

I did find one thing really, really amazing from it - I had never heard the ending theme until then. When I was watching the credits, and I saw who sung it...

Artist - Kirari
Title - Last Piece
Sung By - Kirari
Composed By - Taku
Lyrics By - Taku

It looks like all of m-flo, when they were still together, did a lot of work on this up-and-coming R&B singer. This has to be her biggest success, getting the closing theme to GTO since she only released one full album and three singles, the last being this one, released in 2000. She's not half bad from what I've heard on this song, but the rest could be shit - I don't know, no one seems to have it. So I guess my question is answered. Anyway, Lisa appeared on one of her tracks, Taku produced some more, and Verbal also rapped on a track. Not bad, considering how popular m-flo was at that time.

One thing was brought up a few nights ago on IRC, and I won't mention anything just because I don't feel like it, but there's been a trend for some people not to believe what I say. I don't care if you think I'm fibbing or straight out lying, sometimes I do lie, and I'm trying to stop that. It's my fault a lot, but I don't embellish much. However, if there is one thing I never lie about it is my relationships - especially my relationship with Brienne. It's fucked up yes, and the ending to it doesn't make any sense by all normal logic, but then we never did operate by "normal logic" in a relationship where I was invited to spend the night by her mother on our first date. I -NEVER- fucking joke about that or her. She was seriously special to me for a long time, and when I talk about her you can know without a doubt that everything I say is the truth.

To clear it up to some people, yes, she got pissed off because I wouldn't have sex with her without a condom and we broke up pretty much over that and the fact I was being an asshole to her for a while after that. The reason? I'm pretty sure it wasn't just "for the feeling" from what she said, or that "me not having sex with her means I really wasn't ready to committ to the relationship." I'm pretty sure she thought if she could get pregnant she could force me to stay in Baltimore, so I wouldn't leave her for Vancouver. She was very, very jealous of me when I went to Vancouver the first time as were a lot of my friends. I think they saw that I wasn't having that much fun around them and got pissed off. And, in case you wonder, I'm still a virgin to this day. I'm a big pussy when it comes down to having sex, but everything else I'm all the more ready for. *laughs*

I just wanted to clear that up, I don't like letting things fester in me :)

Oh yeah, two of the best diaries I like to read, so you know.


Why do I like reading Chris's diary, even though each entry seems to be the same thing over and over now? Why, probably because it's so nice to see Chris ridiculously happy. Chris just needs to keep writing, it's always nice to read that stuff.


Best. Diary. Ever. Layout wise, posting wise too. Susannah has really great design sense, and her diary entries are really fun to read. Especially Literacy Lunacy.

Finally, information that people used to care about but don't really anymore, since me flying into Vancouver is pretty damn boring since I do it every 4 months or so.

I'm arriving at 12:30 PM on Monday (my EARLIEST TIME EVER), and so far Saboo and possibly Gar is meeting me. If you show up, you show up - I'm not providing transportation, I'm taking a cab back to UBC unless Saboo wants to help me bus it since that is infinitely cheaper. Regardless, since I am getting in so early, I'm going to check in and then probably go head out to buy my cellphone. Woop. I really need to work on this diary tomorrow too, after packing.


>>>>>> move - Fly Me So High
comments: I love move. I also like globe a little bit more than I should, but I -really- like move. Their sound is pretty distinctive, but what grabs me is how different a lot of the songs are from each other. The remixes are really nice too, which I don't find too often with others.

Not so much to talk about. I've been playing Madden quite a bit, as the Texans, and I'm owning it up with Freeman in the far wideout. He seemingly wins every man-to-man battle, which makes David Carr's stats go through the roof. The only thing I'm really not liking about it is the special teams AI (which sucks) and the computer's ability to seemingly make every game close.

Enough about Madden. Today I got up WAY too late, I showered and ate, then I went out to play Fifth Mix at the local arcade. There was one of the girls who really likes me working there, plus a bunch of fucking idiots. Luckly my friend Crystal and Ryan wanted to go out Hartford and play Max2, so after playing Leading Cyber, Radical Faith, and something else - I forget, we went out Hartford. There was barely anyone there, so I got to play a lot. I was passing Kakume pretty easily, Tsugaru the same, the only song I was having trouble with playing was Burning Heat - but I passed.

Then came the challenge I set for myself - I would pass So Deep with less than 30 misses by myself. After the first time I failed playing alongside someone who was playing it on Trick, the next time I got up there and I passed with a D - I felt SO GOOD because I actually figured out the parts to the song. I missed 32 times, which I was happy with. Eventually I got it down to 22, but I also failed once more and passed twice. I really think I can do that now, and hopefully it's just not the fact that the Max2 machine I was playing on is really comfortable for me, and it's a brand new pad. Maybe. We'll see when I get back to Vancouver and start playing.

I'm kind of annoyed with my DDR playing - I know I can do better, but I just don't feel the need to try. I defenitely will play a bit when I'm in Van though, with UBC being right there and I'm hoping to go out Metro a few times. I had a bit of trouble with the end of Melissa's "Fantasy" and I still can't do Exotic Ethnic, although I can hold my own for most of the song now I just can't get the turning down. I need to watch Chris do it some more or something.

I want to go back to Poly and buy move, SMAP, and possibly Rip Slyme because I've heard good things. Something that beats SMAP on the charts has to be good. Somehow. :heh

Anyway, that's about it for right now. Oh, something just of note - this week I've started talking to a lot of people who I haven't talked to in a while that I miss. I missed you Nikki, Lois, and Talia :D Glad you guys are back and hopefully I'll be a bit more accessible.


>>>>>> Rush - The Trees
comments: Rush is easily the best musical act to come out of Canada. Their unique and amazing style is surpassed by none. The backbone of drumming, combined with some great riffs and one of the most unique voices in music, plus a bit of a Celtic feel on some songs = John like.


Well, both parties that I went to were alright - nothing much spectacular happened at either one. The first I went swimming in some really, really ugly and dirty inlet. Ugh. So much seaweed and just dirt in the water - I had to shower as soon as I got home. I had about 4 Vanilla Cokes there too. Next was going to my cousin's for a crabfeast, which turned out to be pretty cool - I was sitting with my half-uncles (related by marriage) Shaun, JJ, and my grandpa. Shaun and JJ are working together on compiling a documentary on World War II veterans, and my grandpa was in the war, so they got a ton of stories from him. Now, I haven't known my grandfather to really talk about World War II with anyone else but me, but I think he knew they were really genuine in their interest. I got to hear a lot of the stories I had heard before, but some new ones too. It was a really great experience - barring getting bit up :(

The next day I pretty much did nothing, except in the morning I went to a flea market. I kind of wanted to buy a GBA for 40 bucks, but I decided not to. That was wise of me - I instead got to go to White Marsh for some clothes, where I purchased the second Marmalade Boy manga :D

> side note. I don't particulary care so much for manga, but lately I've been reading more. Marmalade Boy is probably my favourite manga ever, and I really like the translation and the job that Tokyopop did with it. Everyone should check out Marmalade Boy. It seems "normal" fare at first, but then it just gets downright crazy, and then wierd. ^_^ <

I also got to talk to this Korean guy working at Suncoast about some movies. That was cool - very few people over here have seen the films I've seen. One movie is getting really popular though, which is Attack the Gas Station. *chuckles* The clothes I got wasn't really all that much this time - mainly I wanted a jacket that I didn't have to pull over my head, so I got this really nice one. I'm sure everyone will see it at one point or another and I don't have any pictures yet. I also got some belts and another pair of cheap sunglasses - these a blue, so they match my orange headphones and my blue MD :)

I also got Madden 2003, which is really fun to play, but sometimes a bit aggrivating as always. The passing game is a LOT better from last years though - I don't get pissed off so much anymore :)

Yesterday I got up really late (1300) so I had to go right to the orthodentist, and after that I went over to the arcade to play some DDR. Oddly enough I got a bit better at Fifth Mix, and now I'm doing a bit more than I used to be able to. Or, a bit better. I'm not just D'ing some of the harder songs, I'm actually passing with C's and B's. I like that, sort of. I just need to work on passing So Deep, but being only one Max2 machine here and that being a 45 minute drive away, I don't think I'm going to get to play that anytime soon.

> Side note: I also went to Waldensbooks and bought the first Ragnarok and the first Chobits out of curiosity. <

Today it looks like I'll just be playing Madden and AWW. Tomorrow some DDR. Something some other day.



>>>>> Sclidelia Electro - Shout it Loud (King of Bandit Jing OP)
comments: This has to be one of my favourite songs at the moment, and I'm learning the lyrics. Kareoke anyone? :D

I had the most trying morning of my life. I really didn't need to wake up to this.

After going to bed around 0425 last night, I woke up around 1020 this morning in preperation for my younger niece's fourth birthday party at 1300, and then for my cousin's crab fest around 1700. Then, about 10 minutes after I woke up (normally, I would be in the shower but my mother was doing laundry), my father called and reminded me that my Aunt Kara and Uncle Jim were having a belated wedding celebration at 1300 today.

To understand this situation, you need some background knowledge. My father left my mother, myself, and my brother 2 years ago. He didn't tell us very much, he just moved out. My mother, understandably, pretty much hates him now and hasn't been talking to him for years, even while he was still living with us. He has called even once in a while, and visited some of the time, but with me working all summer and then going to Vancouver during the school year and for parts of the summer, I don't really see him at all. I live with my mother, and I go to a lot of her family's events, but I've only gone to about two of my father's side of the family.

When I told my mother that I had forgotten about my Aunt Kara and Uncle Jim's party today and that I wanted to go to that, she exploded and basically told me if I don't go to my niece's party, I would have to get my father to do everything for me (basically, I would have to live with him). So, I went downstairs and told my father on the phone that I wasn't going to be able to come, then my mother came storming down and told me I should go with my father if that is what I want. I couldn't control it anymore. How could she put me in that kind of fucking situation? HOW? She did. I exploded and ran crying my eyes out and locked myself in the bathroom. I didn't come out for about 10 minutes, despite all of her pleading and knocking and trying to demand that I open the door. What kind of fucking shit is that? Does she not understand anything?

As you might be able to tell, I can't fucking stand EITHER of my parents.

After I came out, my mother basically said "you have to be an adult all of the time - blah blah blah" - she basically was trying to say if I was mature, I would go with her. Then she tossed in a threat that "if you don't go, you have christmas and birthday presents that you might not get." Fucking bitch. She wonders why I want to live in Vancouver. What a fucking bitch.

In the end, I phoned my grandma (my mother's side) and told her what is going on, she didn't agree with me - but my grandpa didn't see a problem with it, and I'm going to ride up with him to my cousin's crab feast at 1700 after going for a while with my dad to my Uncle and Aunt's wedding reception thing. I phoned my niece and wished her a happy birthday (that conversation really made me smile - my aunt said she was smiling so big the whole time :D) Regardless, I've come to this conclusion:

-> I'm never going to let my parents use me again.
-> After University and I get on my feet financially, they can kiss my ass goodbye.
-> I'm never, ever going to put anyone else in that kind of situation. That means having to choose between friends, etc. And if someone else tries to put me in that situation, I'm going to fucking kick your ass. I swear I'll never, EVER be used like that again. I'll never have anyone close to me try to play my strings like that. I've had it done to me before, but now my parents - MY FUCKING PARENTS - did it. Never again. I'm going to hang out with who I want and if one of my other friends has a problem with that and wants me to choose between them, they can fuck off and they'll get a pounding. I won't put up with it - I just fucking won't.

Well, after all of that is over and done with, I guess I'll talk about how it went later tonight.

I have so much work to do on this page it isn't funny. I think I'll first start by cleaning up the links, then working my way through adding a little spice to the site :D It defenitely needs a new feel... but the heading Kare Kano image stays.

This will probably be my diary from now on again.


Just a few things on how I feel..


Download the songs.
Get some culture for your time.

Let's see.. the first day I go reviewing some diaries and I'm glad I did. To both Eric and Lois.. I love you both and hope things can work out between you two. You never know what the future might hold, yet you certainly know you have in the present.

I can only say this: I certainly like getting presents.

More so if the present is Dynasty Warriors III, or the translated Romance of the Three Kingdoms! :)

I won't tell anyone my problems, as they are boring and a bit too long to list. They are also my problems... not yours ;)

Ehh.. the SakuraCon meetings were fun. Those are some great people there and I'm looking forward to seeing all of them again. For those of you who might not know, I attended two functions that the SakuraCon people put on over the weekend, I met some of the people from the SFU Altered Reality Club, VSWAT, and VJAS, as well as some very important people who are staffing SakuraCon.

For those of you who are going, I'll be in the cosplay with the rest of the guys, but mainly I'll be around working security and doing late-night videoroom work :D Maybe those years of JKD will finally get some use. ;)

These kids grow up so fast... *sniff*
I feel old already.

Rather, a funny thing happened the other day. My friend Sally's friend --
no wait, let's go back further.

Chinese New Year, I was playing through Final Fantasy X redoing the Killika Temple so I could get a nice little treat of the prizes in the Fayth, as well as being able to see the Fayth and get some more story. Well, all of a sudden a girl I met in my English class, Sally, came knocking on my door. Behind her was her friend, Jinny. Jinny was hiding behind the wall and thought I couldn't see her. She didn't realize that there is no cute girl that escapes my eyesight, much less an asian one outside of my door. Anyway, they told me about the Anime Club's booth at the Chinese New Year.

The one I was supposed to be at an hour ago.

Needless to say, I was running out of the door. I barely remembered Jinny's name, much less where she lived. I figured I would meet her again if she was a friend of Sally's.

A few days ago, I came home and a friend of mine, Jason, found a note saying "Someone likes/loves you" on my door. I was intrigued, but I thought it was a joke. It was written in Chinese and english. Well, he translated it for me (Jason is half Japanese, half Taiwanese and can read Chinese). Anyway, I asked Sally. Sally egged me on for a few days, but I eventually found it was Jinny playing a practical joke on me. :D It was quite funny the way my friends Benson (he's from Hong Kong) and Jason were trying to deduce just what type of person it was.. ;)

Oh yeah. This was possibly the funniest thing I've ever had said to me, which I shall describe as if it was actually happening.

*Gar is sitting at home, minding his own business, looking at whatever hentai happened to be on at the moment. Suddenly, the phone rang.*

"Hello sir, would you be interested in getting a credit card?"



i didn't know so many people didn't know i read their diaries. odd. i guess i just don't talk to people about them much, but i do read them as much as i can. forgive me if i forget things every now and then, but realize i do. i really do read them. :)

added andy (zell d) to the list of people whose diaries i read. why go to mydiary's page - just read aaaa.. sodesu ka and click on the links *lol*

i'm adding some contact information to the side. i'm going to (hopefully) start work on my website soon, where this diary will be hosted. this is specifically directed to eric's request, saying "my diary layout sucks ass" :)

jane, it's ok that you keep changing your diary and stuff :) change is good, and i know how jane feels about others reading things you don't want them too. but then, i also feel that people have to be open and honest about their feelings for/with others. it's one of the reasons i've always disliked locked journals.

if you (anyone, not specific person) are sharing something personal... ok then. i can see why kat might want to have her own personal journal for erik to read... i sure do not want to read something like that. but if you have a journal were one talks down about others, or just vents their feelings about other people... i don't see anything productive coming out of that - your feelings for that person are still there and nothing develops - nothing gets solved except the writer takes out some frustration at the time.. but nothing productive comes. so unlock the journals! :D

this weekend was one of the best in my life, and it all started...

carla was having a party, and she didn't even really know me. i wasn't invited, but everyone else was. i didn't care - i barely knew who she was. well, first saboo took this and made a big deal out of it, then when i met ruby later the same thing i happened. buti i wasn't going to barge in on her invitation-only party uninvited - why should i? makes no sense. anyway, saboo talked to carla and she said it was fine for me to come... i didn't care for that kind of behaviour, but i guess if it was ook with carla than it was ok with me, so i overlooked it.

i went to the arcade after the animeclub exec meeting, and met d and ruby there by complete accident. idea: para para is the most boring game ever. the boxing game is fun, but a bit rigged... and i still like ddr ok, even if i'm getting better. we left, got some thigns at safeway, and found out that clara got lost after phoning cjo. poor girl :( we arrived at the party, and started talking. we got some things done which were quite fun - then when clara and chris came in, i looked at him, he looked at me, we looked at clara, and burst out laughing. it was kinda one of those "moments"... funny. there were some funny things going on that night.

then clara took my belt :( i had discussed my pants situation with derek earlier - i can't find wants that are long enough without them hanging of my ass. ;( they don't make them for skinny people with long legs. either way, i didn't get my belt back until the end of the night. we went to erik's and watched some stuff, then fell asleep. i still sleep curled up in a ball.

woke up, did some things we had planned, then we couldn't think of anything. by the way, it was myself, eric, erik, and andrew (frector). so, for some reason, we started singing in a high pitched voice... and we recorded it. thus the holy trinity +1 was born. hopefully we will work on some more covers of songs at some point in the future, and release the album :) *lol* "mom, i'm in a band..."

the idea was presented along this time that we should go see a movie - erik wanted to see "a beautiful mind" - so we decided. we saw it later in the day, but before that, we rounded up people. we got saboo, all four of us, lois, gar (who didn't watch the movie because he had already viewed it) and... anna! i finally got to meet the famous anna, who translated trigun! erik kept making jokes that i was hitting on her. i'd just like to state for the record that even though i'm a pathetic, desperate hornball, i do not hit on everything with tits, contrary to popular belief. anna and i talked quite a bit, and found out some things in common that we have. she's quite interesting and very fun to be around. it's too bad we won't be able to see more of her, but the little that we do is cool.

went back to fei's and gar and i almost won against eric and frector in battleship. the best part was gar and i put all of our ships together in a tight formation - it was hialrious to us and we didn't feel like trying much :D and we ALMOST won... by one turn. we are quite proud of that.

i finally came home last night thanks in a large part to frector and his automobile. the karma will all be coming back around when i (hopefully) am able to purchase a car up here next year, or sometime around then.

anyway, i believe that is all. i'm adding some contact information on the side.
yep! that's about all.

no it wasn't! just a little about what i'm doing now -

-> trying to gain some weight (because..)
-> working out everyday for at least an hour-two hours a day. this is mainly during the weekdays. i have an entire schedule planned, and i do PLAN to stick to it.

if this works out, and i continue on this pace until the end of the term, i should be quite more physically fit, and in a good outlook and mindset. i like working out, and i really am looking forward to see how fast my body works this time around. i keep talking about "back then, back then" when i did work out, and i've decided i want to start changing that too "now." i also plan to surpass my old physical self, and really tone my body down.

i also think i'm having the age old problem of talking about brienne too much. i >am< talking about brienne too much. i'm kinda getting desperate, as things haven't been falling into place like they normally do. maybe this time i'll have to place them there instead of waiting. ^_^ it should be interesting to see what i can pull out of my hat. well, i'm going to work in a half an hour - i should start reading!